Pajammy Jam of the Day | Union Tree Review – Let Me Be

Union Tree Review is Saint Louis’ answer to genius indie folk.

Today’s Pajammy Jam of the Day, “Let Me Be,” instills a sense of longing in me that can’t be undone. It’s an chugging, acoustic train, reminiscent of Ryan Adams: brilliant lyricism, piano in all the right places, plenty o’ references to booze and regret. The track is thoughtfully and intricately arranged, with a heap of employed instruments whose measured restraint never reaches the point of cacophony. In two words: it’s good.

“Let Me Be” intrinsically feels like home, with all of its familiar comforts and inevitable pain. I am proud to say Union Tree Review is from my home.

Union Tree Review – Let Me Be

The band hits The Billiken Club this Saturday with Old Lights and Field Music. It’s a FREE show, so you have no reason not to show up. Right?

If you absolutely feel you need more proof, check out the video for “Interstate”:

Interstate from Matthew Ström on Vimeo.

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