Pajammy Jam of the Day | Yuck – Soothe Me

I’ve been enamored with Yuck’s eponymous debut LP for over a year now – partially because it sounds like what my first album would sound like, if I possessed any musical skillz whatsoever. But also because I can literally hear the influences that led to such a refreshingly different and enthralling album. Maybe it’s because I’m now a veteran of a few different waves and trends in music, but listening to that record easily conjures images of what the long gone indie bands of yore would sound like had they been born twenty years later.

This is a good thing, in my opinion – something I have defended a few times now to the minority that are Yuck naysayers. Those who have no connection to the golden-era of indie music.

Our Pajammy Jam of the Day is an outtake from the sessions that spawned their debut LP but has been given a proper release via the deluxe version of Yuck that came out a little while back. How they chose what to keep and what to cut is beyond me because this song is all shades of beautiful.

Check it out below and get the album, in all its deluxe glory, right here.

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