Patty Griffin Goes Gospel

As if she hasn’t conquered enough in her career as a singer-songwriter, Austin’s Patty Griffin has a new surprise for all of us: a gospel album. Griffin’s seventh solo trek, Downtown Church, will hit stores and the Interwebs on January 26th, and you can bet it’s quite the departure from 2007’s Children Running Through.

There are some familiar faces involved; Buddy Miller produced the 14-song project, and Emmylou Harris and Shawn Colvin make guest appearances, among others. While Griffin does give us two originals, the album is mainly interpretations of “someone else’s ideas” that were recorded at the Downtown Presbyterian Church on 5th Ave. N. in Nashville.

I’ve had a chance to listen to the album, and while I’m still digesting the music, there is no doubt it’s filled with heart and soul. It might take some time for any Patty Griffin fan to truly enjoy, but one thing is for sure — her voice still soars. I know, not a shocker, right?

Starting on Friday, January 15th, you’ll be able to listen to Downtown Church via NPR’s “Exclusive First Listen.” Get your headphones ready.

For now, let’s relive one of Griffin’s best songs, “Up To the Mountain (MLK song).”

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