Photos + Words | Sleater-Kinney + THEESatisfaction at The Pageant in St. Louis


Words by Jason Gonulsen

I didn’t discover Sleater-Kinney until late last year. My excuse is that around the time they were hitting their stride in the 90s, I was obsessively listening to Neil Young and Bob Dylan, and I had time for little else. If you know me, this is my excuse for pretty much everything music-related; but it’s also the reason why this site exists.

I’ll admit that I became interested in Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, and Janet Weiss not because of Portlandia (I don’t watch much television), but because I was intrigued that they were reuniting not to simply tour old material. They were releasing a new album, No Cities To Love.

This matters. At least it matters to me. Sure, the OutKast tour last year was fun, but it was nothing more than a re-hash for top dollar. After seeing Sleater-Kinney last night, their approach seemed different — there was a certain creative fire still burning, a flower yet to bloom.

Please enjoy these photos by Nate Burrell, and catch Sleater-Kinney on tour.


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