Photos + Words | Smallpools with Grizfolk and Vinyl Theatre

Smallpools | All photos by Kristen Abigail
Last week Smallpools, an electro pop group from Los Angeles, dropped by Exit/In in Nashville with Vinyl Theatre and Grizfolk for a sweaty dance party. 
Vinyl Theatre started the night off with a short set full of jumping and fist pumps along with their catchy lyrics. Even though Vinyl Theatre is still pretty new to the record label scene, a large handful of people in the crowd still knew all the words to their single, “Breaking Up My Bones” from their full-length record, Electrogram.  
Grizfolk brought the pop down just a notch and turned the rock up with a touch of folk as they opened right before Smallpools hit the stage. Frontman Adam Roth, bassist Brendan James and Sebastian Fritze on synthesizers were jamming and got the crowd really pumped during their entire. Meanwhile, lead electric guitarist Fredrik Eriksson ripped some really impressive solos while drummer Bill Delia created some sick beats. Grizfolk is currently signed to Virgin Records and have only released an EP called, From the Spark, which gives you a really good taste of their sound.
Smallpools finally grace the stage and brought a fun celebration to ring in their debut full-length record, Lovetap. The quartet of expressive musicians has everyone dancing from the moment they hit the stage. Smallpools hasn’t been playing together for too long of a time span, but they were destined for gold from the moment their first single dropped. The performance included all the favorites like Killer Whale, Mason Jar, and American Love. At one point in the show, frontman Sean Scanlon disappeared off the stage and came out into the crowd for an face-to-face singalong. Their set also featured a crowd-cheering solo from drummer Beau Kuther.
Overall, the entire show was a blast to experience. Smallpools will continue to tour this spring, so you can check out their live show. Please enjoy these photos by Kristen Abigail below.



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