Preview | Jimmy Buffett, Live At The Drive-In Nationwide Broadcast, June 19th

Oh, it’s just a Drive-In in paradise…Hey Parrotheads, this note’s for you.

Jimmy Buffet’s Live At The Drive-In Broadcast show is happening this Thursday, June 19th, and even though the live performance from Fort Worth, TX’s Coyote Drive-In is sold out, here’s where things get interesting: You can still “attend” at a Drive-In near you!

That’s right, you can watch Jimmy Buffett on the big screen by venturing out to your nearest Drive-In.

But, Speakers in Code, how do I find a Drive-In?

Finding a Drive-In is easy. Simply go here, locate one close to you,  purchase your tickets, stock up on Landshark beer, and your week and summer just got more exciting.

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