Rumor | Radiohead – King of Limbs Part II

Does Radiohead’s King of Limbs Part II really exist? The evidence mounts and even the most skeptical conspiracy theorists are letting themselves get a tad excited by the thought of only having heard half the album at this point!

Judge the evidence for yourself…

  1. The last song on King of Limbs is entitled “Separator.” Is this song the separation between the two halves of the album?
  2. Lyrics in “Separator” state: “And if you think this is over/ then you’re wrong.”
  3. The physical album is double vinyl. And, clocking in at just thirty-seven minutes, it could fit easily on one LP.
  4. King of Limbs is the shortest Radiohead album to date. It’s even shorter than their debut, Pablo Honey. Not the band’s style.
  5. They have done virtually NO press for the album at this point. What are they waiting for?
  6. Download file for King of Limbs was titled “TKOL1.” Why the 1?

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