The 150 Best Songs of 2013

Well, another trip around the sun. And here we are.

Again, we haven’t listened to every release. We haven’t listened to every genre. And we know many of you are probably tired of lists.

But, like we mentioned last year, this is all about discovery. And again like last year, with discovery being the reason we do this, we absolutely welcome your comments on Facebook, Twitter, or in the section below this post. Because we know we’ve missed plenty of great songs, and we would love to hear them.

We would like to dedicate this year’s list to Angelo Merendino and the memory of his late wife, Jennifer. Because of them, we found song #150 on our list, Jonka’s “Ever After.” The song and their story is a good reminder to keep hope and love alive in our hearts. Tell someone you love them. Do it today.

You can listen to (most) of our 150 Best Songs of 2013 on Spotify by following the playlist here. (Or just play from the widget below.)

Or, CLICK HERE for the full list. It’s more dramatic that way (just give it a few minutes to load).

As always, thanks for reading and listening.

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