The Sad Bastard Hall of Fame | Blind Pilot – 3 Rounds and a Sound

So this was our song
This was our song
I still see the lights
I can see them

I guess the cruel part about music is when you hear “our song” after you’ve broken up with an ex-lover. It’s still there — the feeling, the melody, the times you listened to it in the car, the times you danced to it. The times you screamed its words. Together.

Basically, what’s been done cannot be undone, and that song is never going away.

‘Cause you know me,” Blind Pilot’s Israel Nebeker sings. “I could not give up on you.

But really, if giving up is moving on . . . is it really giving up? I wonder.

The Sad Bastard Hall of Fame Inductees:

“South Tacoma Way,” Neko Case
“Even Now,” William Fitzsimmons
“3 Rounds and a Sound,” Blind Pilot

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