Video + Video Game | Black Light Dinner Party – We Are Golden

Inertia is real godammit. And sometimes, a teeny-tiny push forward can cause a sedentary stone to shed that layer of moss and become one of those mossless, rolling-stones we hear so much about. But sometimes, teeny-tiny pushes aren’t an option, like in the music world, where pretty much everyone you know has a friend, enemy, or brother-in-law in a band. Black Light Dinner Party apparently recognized, that simply recording a catchy-as-fuck song and releasing it to the world, sometimes is not a moss-stripper.

However, taking three years to create one of the best animated music videos I’ve seen, as well as an 8-bit game based on the characters from that video, stuffs that whole teeny-push malarkey into a cannon, and lights the fuse until it goes…boom. Add that beating the game unlocks special prizes like free downloads of 8-bit renditions of BLDP songs, and I have no idea how this song will not dominate the blog-o-sphere very, very soon.

The fact it’s taken me until paragraph three to mention the song itself, in no way, means the song itself sucks. On the contrary, the song is so good, I feel bad about myself for needing the allure of the video and game to make me fall in love with it. It’s everything we love about electro-indie-pop-rock-whatever. Catchy as hell, with one of those driving beats that makes you want to hop around when you’ve been drankin’.

It’s all just so freaking good.

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