Friday, May 4, 2012

Video | Union Tree Review Performs a New Song, "Skeletons," for Show Me Shows

Photo by Jarred Gastreich

For a band that is considered very diverse (judging by their appearance), Union Tree Review is releasing some very consistent good work. The Cherokee Street natives have a new song called Skeletons that they performed for us in the Firebird parking lot. To set the mood, this was the night before they took off on a tour with Indianapolis locals Slothpop and Grandkids - what an almighty lineup that tour was.

The video was shot in the back of a friend's van with two car's headlights pointed at the back providing the light. The song is a staple of the bands songwriting, which mainly comes from lead singer Tawaine Noah, but admittedly it is a collaborative process between many of the members. The lyrics seem more fit for a singer-songwriter, yet when put in front of a full six-piece band the angst, sorrow and longing that the lyrics are filled with become forgotten and the band dynamics become the main attraction. Their live performances are something not to be missed. There is no telling which song Noah will explode on - meaning the occasional high pitched scream, the standing on drums, guitar throwing, or crowd walking - it's always an expected surprise.

Your next chance to catch them live is also a great opportunity to check out a wonderful touring band from New York: The Spring Standards. The two bands played together at an unforgettable show last year, and this year is guaranteed to be even better because of the amazing new material each band has in store.

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Video: Jarred Gastreich
Audio: R&R Music Labs
Writer: Jarred Gastreich