Jam of the Day | Cults – You Know What I Mean

Back in November of 2010, Cults were charming us with their lo-fi groove “Go Outside,” a web buzz track that had the whole internet stirring and wondering if there was more auditory excellence to come from the New York City duo. Well, Ms. Follin and Mr. Oblivion have certainly been able to keep everyone’s crush (including us here at Speakers In Code) going, and growing, up to and through the release of their debut self-titled LP (6/7/11, In the Name Of /Columbia). The record features the previously web-released “Go Outside,” “Abducted,” and “Most Wanted,” but new songs lie in wait to awe listeners and affirm the belief that Cults are a musical movement to be reckoned with this year.

“You Know What I Mean,” a finger snappin’ 1960’s throwback that somehow still feels completely unique, is one of these spectacular new tunes. The track wavers brilliantly between breeziness and clamor, and thrives on this contrasting arrangement. Follin’s voice bridges an impressive range; she is simply magical in the soft moments and daring as the song closes with the peak of the crescendo. “You Know What I Mean” can cause happiness-addled swaying just as easily as it can cause hands and fists in the air. Intoxicating in so many ways, “You Know What I Mean” is a stunning effort from Cults, who are well deserving of all the praise and followers in their flock to date.

Listen to “You Know What I Mean” below. Buy Cults here.

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