Thursday, November 4, 2010

MP3 | Your Youth - Awake

First, let me draw your attention to the above picture. Just what is going on here? Mirrored sunglasses, confetti, oranges, and...Abe Vigoda? I couldn't help but giggle a little at the utter randomness happening in the shot.

Yet, Brooklyn's Your Youth's press shot perfectly embodies its music: punky fresh and blatantly brazen.

"Awake" takes me back to the olden days where the biggest concern in my life was fighting for my right to parrrr-tay. It's idyllic without being naive.

Maybe the bio says it best: "Your Youth are a bunch of fucking liars with loud fucking guitars and huge fucking drums, who just want to escape."

Your Youth - Awake

The boys have recently signed to Gigantic Music (The Walkmen, Harlem Shakes), and the new EP, Aloha, is out now.