Jam of the Day | La Sera – Never Come Around

Photo credit: Marya Zoya

Here in Saint Louis we are currently experiencing what I like to call “Summer (Reprised).” With temperatures in the eighties during the day, the cozy autumn sweaters have been shelved for the time being. And even though this weather technically calls for a functioning air conditioner, it is almost the middle of October. An open window will have to do.

Today’s Jam of the Day, La Sera’s “Never Come Around” hauntingly whispers of that surf rock trend that surged last spring and then crested on the summer festival circuit. More so, it contains 1950s sweet-as-pie chord changes, a la The Drums’ “Down By The Water,” yet it’s satisfyingly vandalized by a little lo-fi grit. Think of it as the couple that prefers the dark corner parking spot of the drive-in versus the corner stools at the milkshake counter. You know those kids I’m talking about.

Most importantly, it’s the perfect track for “Summer (Reprised).” “Never Come Around” is transient, a fugitive on the run from warm weather, yet a stranger not welcome in fall. Turn it up at high volume when the sun starts to set and you open your windows for the evening.

La Sera – Never Come Around

La Sera is Katy Goodman’s (Vivian Girls) new band, and she’s joined by Jenn Prince on guitar and Brady Hall on vocals/keyboards/drums. Look for a 7″ coming out on November 16th (Hardly Art) with the PJOTD and a track called “Behind Your Eyes.” The band will also cover “Watch Me Jumpstart” for an upcoming Guided By Voices tribute album.

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