Jam of the Day | NO – Another Life

Ok, let’s get the obvious shit out of way, Bradley Hanan Carter’s voice is reminiscent of Matt Berninger’s from The National. There. No need to discuss that any more. From the the first time you hear his vocal chords rattle, the familiar baritone is present, but it’s also apparent that there is no intent to impersonate or replicate.

On top, and outside of all that, the music is definitive proof that NO is doing their own thing – and beautifully I might add.  Swirling melodies. Subtle, addictive and satisfying as hell – I am going on record here and proclaiming that NO will become an indie-household name when they properly release a full length. Whenever that may be.

For now, listen to our Jam of the Day, “Another Life,” below. Then, click on through to the other side and download their insanely free EP,
Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever, from their Bandcamp page.

Oh, and big ups to my Boo for finding these guys for us. Even the bloggiest of bloggers needs a little lady-help every now and then.

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