The Ten Best Moments of LouFest

Photo by Jason Gonulsen

LouFest, you were looking good all weekend (Day One photos // Day Two photos). Your weather was warm, and your breeze was just right. Your vodka and BBQ were pretty tight, too. And while I missed your Black Pistol Fire, which I’m told was one of the best sets of the weekend, here is what I saw, and what will remain in my memory. // Jason Gonulsen

10. “Sonsick” during San Fermin’s set. The day had barely begun, the sun had barely started to show, but San Fermin didn’t come to St. Louis to wait around. “I found me a hopeless case, and resolve to love.” Good words to live by, and a great way to kick off LouFest 5.

9. Alanna Royale, when the sun shone through. “We brought the fucking sun.” Alanna herself said that. She also brought the moves, the soul, and the badassery to the BMI stage. Girl knows how to rock it, and her band knows a thing or two about keeping the train moving.

8. Those Darlins covering Dylan’s “The Man In Me.” Yeah, there’s a dude in Those Darlins, but he wasn’t singing, and it didn’t matter. This song never sounded so good in the afternoon sun, and these darlins belted it outta the park.

7. Ume on Sunday morning. Service was in session, and it featured Lauren Larson’s hair and guitar. You could say it was too early for the thrashing, but you would be wrong. Or maybe you just couldn’t get there in time. Your loss.

6. Trombone Shorty covering Green Day. If I had to pick a band who would cover “Brain Stew,” the African American from New Orleans probably wouldn’t have been my first choice. But hey. That’s what these music festivals are for. He killed it, and it should probably never be covered by anyone else.

5. Portugal. The Man opening with “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” and “Purple Yellow Red and Blue.” Why this wonderful band was playing at 2:15 beats the hell outta me, but the early start didn’t faze the freaks from Alaska. And when I say freaks, I mean versatile while giving no fucks. Wonderful set.

4. Outkast during “B.O.B.” Big Boi and band came out with the “Hands up, don’t shoot” gesture, paying respects to the late Mike Brown. He and Andre 3000 then blasted into a song about bombs over Baghdad. Should have been done long ago.

3. Grouplove opening with “I’m With You.” Well, actually, they ran onstage to A$AP Rocky’s “Wild For The Night.” And despite what you may have read online, the crowd LOVED them some Grouplove. The energy was just what LouFest needed and had been lacking in years past. They were terrific, and Hannah Hooper could probably kick your ass anyway.

2.  Kopecky Family Band during “The Glow.” This song. Whenever I hear this song, it hits the damn spot. So while most of you were probably over at Matt and Kim, we were at the BMI stage enjoying some Kopecky Family Band. Their new album should drop next year, so world, please take note.

1. Delta Spirit during “California.” Lead singer Matthew Vasquez is a freaking loose cannon with many shots in his arsenal. Do not tempt this man. He will do it. Just go purchase his band’s new record, Into the Wide.

And with that thought, I bring you the words of “California.”

All of the feelings that I know you never felt,
and all of the simple words you never said,
I want you to keep them like a secret to yourself, they’re not for me.

See you again next year, LouFest.

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