Announcing: The LouFest High School Battle of the Bands

Okay, we’re so excited about the 2011 LouFest Music Festival that we could just pee our pants. Jason, Darren, and I had almost too much fun at last August’s inaugural event in Forest Park. (We met Jeff Tweedy! And have pictures to prove it!)

Although the line-up hasn’t been announced just yet (fingers crossed for mid-March), LouFest has been showing its pretty face around town, sponsoring shows at Off Broadway, The Billiken Club, and The Firebird. (Click here for full round-up of LouFest sponsored shows).

And just this morning, LouFest officially announced a brand new aspect of the two-day festival: The LouFest High School Battle of the Bands! Hoping to identify some of the best young talent in Saint Louis, festival organizers have created this competition to ultimately feature six bands to play sets on a side stage in Area K (formerly called the Kids Village) at this year’s LouFest.

Jason and yours truly have been recruited as two of judges for this awesomely awesome Battle, and we can’t wait to hear what the kids are throwin’ down these days. A total of twelve finalists will be selected to perform in a showcase at Off Broadway either on May 7th and May 21st, and from there, the six winners will be picked.

Officially entry forms and more information can be found on the LouFest blog. Good luck to all the bands!

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