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Back in February, we made Delta Maid’s “The Changes Made” our Pajammy Jam of the Day. It felt like home, we told you at the time. We still think that’s an accurate description of Maid’s music, and she proved it once again on “On My Own,” which was recently made into a video. Set a aside a few minutes of your time to check it out:

Recently, we asked the singer-songwriter from Liverpool to take part in our 10 to Spin series, and she didn’t let us down. Many of the songs she picked are classics, and we thank her for bringing them back into our lives.

Maid released her debut album, Outside Looking In, last week. You can purchase it here.

Please enjoy her 10 to Spin below!

I am often creating playlists, either for personal use or to share, but they are particularly crafted with a general thread or common purpose. Here, because I love the fact I’ve been asked to compile one, I’ve decidedly chosen songs that have randomly cried out to the forefront of my favourite-song reservoir. It could be argued that picking songs at random renders the choices fortuitous but I think songs that call out to you mean something, like dreams… OK, so I’m getting a little deep, I won’t analyze it further! These are songs that have always meant something to me, but for some reason today in particular. –Delta Maid

“Today In Particular”

1. India Arie – Video

I admire how classy this is but still says two-fingers up and screw you.

2. Judee Sill – The Kiss [listen]
Mystical and beautiful, words fail…

3. The Staple Singers – Stand By Me

A song never forgotten and a voice to match.

4. Rory Block – The Golden Vanity [listen]
Now this is an old traditional folk song that she does (I’m a huge fan), but this story is intriguing and powerful; I could never get bored of this story.

5. Dan Auerbach – Trouble Weighs a Ton 

I always nod in agreement to this one.

6. Ralph Stanley – O Death

His voice and sentiment make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

7. Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops


8. Frank Sinatra – I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter

“And make believe it came from you”…

9. Richard Thompson – Persuasion

I wish I wrote this.

10. Blues Run the Game – Jackson C. Frank

Can’t listen to this without a tear.

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