“At this moment/ no one’s putting me down into the ground…”

Fyfe Dangerfield has one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard, and he’s not even a professional baseball player.  The Guillemots frontman is getting all kinds of love in the U.K. for his awesome solo debut, Fly Yellow Moon, and it’s time that our American asses start showering him with adoration, as well.  This album is a collection of mostly gorgeous singer-songwriter fare, but the lead track “When You Walk in the Room” is plain, poppy fun, start to finish.

I love that this song is a celebration of a singular, happy moment, and Dangerfield seems content to not question its existence or yearn for anything more.  He sings, “At this moment, no one’s putting me down into the ground.”  And, of course, he’s in love.

Fly Yellow Moon is out this spring in the States.

Fyfe Dangerfield – When You Walk in The Room

If you like that track, stream the Monarchy Remix of “She Needs Me” below (thanks, RCRD LBL)!

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