Friday Jam of the Day | Foxygen – No Destruction

Imagine, if you will, that Jesus returned to earth for just one night in the early 1990s. He made two very specific house calls over the course of just a few short hours. One to a mansion in the countryside surrounding London. The other, only an hour or so later, was in New York City, where he brought the subject of his first visit to meet his second. Jesus, luckily, has the power to teleport himself and others.  It’s good to be Jesus.

And over the course of this fated evening, Jesus turned tap water into wine, oregano into pot, and Woody Guthrie records into Sade records. His two subjects bonded, and even though they had met before, something was different about this evening. Maybe it was because Jesus was sitting there performing small miracles to stimulate their mood, but they stared into each other’s eyes, talking and laughing — knowing they would not be able to keep their hands off of each other for much longer.

Aware of this impending romance, Jesus shook hands with the two, visited the restroom, and re-ascended to heaven. In the living room, in front of a crackling fire on a cold New York evening, Mick Jagger took Bob Dylan into his spindly British arms, and made sweet, sweet love to him.

Seeing this, because Jesus sees all, he performed one more miracle as he floated through the night sky — two babies would be born from this intense sexual encounter, and they would go on to form a band. Its name would be Foxygen, and the paternity-proof would be illustrated in this, our Jam of the Day, “No Destruction.”

And so it was recorded.

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