Catching Up With Martin Sexton

These days, Martin Sexton’s ready to go. He’s just started his lengthy U.S. tour w/ the Ryan Montbleau Band, which will be celebrating his wonderful new album, Sugarcoating. Produced by Sexton and Crit Harmon, Sugarcoating’s 13 tunes are ready for your next road trip this June, July, or August. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air for my ears, since most of the music on my iPod is better suited for cloudy and rainy days.

So, yeah, I’m happy to have found Sexton’s music. Sure, he’ll get serious from time to time — and that’s fine (I’m used to that). But what I love about his new album is that it’s able to turn the corner quickly, so that you’re on your feet again in no time. Because, really, too many sad songs in the summer months just isn’t right (even though I still fall into that trap).

We recently caught up with Mr. Sexton over e-mail as he was leaving for his tour.

1. Take us through the recording process for Sugarcoating. What moments stood out?

We recorded this old school, live off the floor. I’d show the players the tunes at the studio’s kitchen table, then we’d go in and do takes. We’d usually have the keeper within the first five. A couple of them are take ones.

2. When you’re writing a song, when do you know it’s finished?

For me a song is finished when it feels like it needs nothing more, when my point is made and every part of the song does its job, when the verses tell the story, and the chorus brings home the main idea, and the bridge keeps you from getting bored.

3. When you’re going on tour to promote a new album, how do you prepare?

I’ve been touring a while, so I’m well-adjusted. I basically prepare by packing my bags and kissing my wife. I’ve got a great crew who take of everything.

4. What was the last great concert you went to as a fan, and what did you take away from it?

It’s been so long that I’ve been to a show that I wasn’t on that it’s hard to recall.

5. What albums/artists are you currently listening to?

The only thing that’s been playing right now in my universe is the Ryan Montbleau Band, because I’ve been producing them for the last three weeks.

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