Jam of the Day | Michael McDermott – So Am I

The praise has been loud and clear for singer-songwriter Michael McDermott. Author Stephen King, who knows a little about music, called him “probably the greatest undiscovered rock & roll talent of the last 20 years.” Wow, right?

Well, his last album, Hey La Hey, made our “Best of 2009” list over at Glide Magazine, and, to put it plainly, I’m a fan of his work. And while “Hard To Break,” which features the awesome Kate York, is probably my favorite song on Hey La Hey, I’ve also really been digging today’s JOTD, “So Am I.” Have a listen to both versions below (they both appear on Hey La Hey).

Lately you’ve been acting awfully angry/ You said it feels like your life’s passing you by…

Michael McDermott – So Am I

Michael McDermott – So Am I (alternate version)

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