Celebrating 5 Years, and the Future of Speakers in Code

Two years ago, I met Kelsey Kopecky and Gabe Simon at Off Broadway in St. Louis. Their band, then named Kopecky Family Band (now simply “Kopecky”), had just finished their set promoting their latest album, Kids Raising Kids, and since they were in a great mood, I talked to them about maybe playing the Speakers in Code Anniversary Concert down the road — when it made sense in their touring schedule.

Tonight, it all happens at Off Broadway where Kopecky (from Nashville) and Geoff Koch (originally from St. Louis, now living in Nashville) will help celebrate 5 years of Speakers in Code.

Tickets are only $12 at the door. It all starts at 8PM (more details are here).

I also want to take the time to thank everyone who has already bought tickets to tonight’s show. Before I started Speakers in Code with Katie Guymon in 2010, I never thought of doing anything like this, but then again, I could have never predicted many events that have transpired over the last five years. From interviews, to shooting shows, to meeting great music people in St. Louis and beyond, the whole experience has completely changed my life.

As for the future, I see no reason to slow down. I’ve been battling an ear condition that will be putting me out again for a few weeks, but aside from that, I’m excited about the months and years to come.

And I’m excited for tonight. As Kopecky would say, “…the glow is coming.”

Speakers in Code 5th Anniversary Concert with Kopecky + Geoffrey Louis Koch at Off Broadway // Saturday, April 18 // 8PM

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