Jam of the Day | Ought – Beautiful Blue Sky

“Awe, man…you have to see them live…”

The dreaded phrase uttered by every douche whose ever been ridiculed by his male friend-base after attending a Dave Matthews concert.  Every wanna-be-hippy who saw Phish, or Rusted Rood, or some incident involving stringed cheese.  And while that may be true, it’s meant to cover that, on wax at least, these bands weren’t able to convey what they wanted. At least The Grateful Dead knew this, and just didn’t even bother.

I’ve said this a few times in my life, and immediately regretted it after the words floated off my tongue. Mainly revolving around someone not “getting” Future Islands  or The National in the early days. Or more recently those that have only heard Landlady via internet radio.  You do, indeed, have to see them live.

The is and isn’t true of Ought, all at the same damn time.  Over computer speakers, Ought still completely works. Try it below. The production gives at least a sense of how raw and beautifully unrefined they are live.  But live…oh man, live they’re like a bomb going off and not going off then going off again. Pure energy that’s bridled from moment to moment just to be let loose again.

They’re easily one of the best bands I’ve seen live this decade.  And I for one can’t wait to see them again and freak the fuck out for a second time.

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