Concert Photos | Beth Bombara’s Record Release Party at Off Broadway

Last Friday, Saint Louis local music fans packed Off Broadway to celebrate the release of Beth Bombara’s new solo album, Wish I Were You. For the girl who, admittedly, went from “punk to country,” it was clear, as she played to an adoring crowd, that she made the right move. On Sunday, she tweeted about how much she loved the jumpin’ dance floor and the audience sing-a-long. But, honestly, she could have told us to all go jump off the Poplar Street Bridge, and we would have raced each other to the Mississippi. Bombara decidedly had the crowd in the palm of her hand, and she handled the affection with ease.

With a rotating cast of all-star players, including Bombara’s oft-collaborator, Cassie Morgan, her husband Kit, Old Lights’ David Beeman, and Seth Porter of The Blind Eyes, among other talented, local musicians, Bombara wowed the crowd with her brand of boot scootin’, and the cherry on top was her obvious humility and happiness. What a woman.

Bombara’s new album, Wish I Were You, is (fabulously) available on vinyl. But, you can grab it digitally here.

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David Beeman’s Old Lights opened the show. I did not know what to expect from this band, but after seeing it play, I know that I (and you) need Old Lights in my life. I was blown away.

Pick up the Old Lights album, Every Night Begins the Same, here.

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Dropkick the Robot opened the show, and the band also showcased a little side project known as Intergalatic Sweater.

You can get Dropkick the Robot’s album, Join the Club, here.

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