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A few weeks ago, I swooned over the Cotton Jones Pajammy Jam of the Day, “Somehow to Keep It Going.” The track gave me “relentless chills,” and I. fell. in. love.

Now the duo has put together a 10 to Spin playlist for us, offering up its favorite artists for a much-needed, Cotton Jones-scheduled, mental health day. (Aren’t those the best days to take off)? As a sidenote, we’re thrilled to see the inclusion of These United States, who put together a very popular 10 to Spin for us over the summer.

Cotton Jones’ Tall Hours In The Glowstream is out now. It’s a must-have album for 2010.

“Houston to New Orleans (Scheduled Day Off Mix)” 
AKA: Great Songs by Great People

Possessed By Paul James – “Color Of My Bloody Nose” [listen]

Possessed By Paul James – “We Welcome You Home” [listen]

Pepper Rabbit – “Red Wine” 

Pepper Rabbit – “Harvest Moon”

Frontier Ruckus – “The Upper Room” [listen]

These United States – “The Great Rivers”

These United States – “First Sight”

Strand Of Oaks – “Daniel’s Blues”

Strand Of Oaks – “Bonfire”

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