Download: Josh Ritter Live at The Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis (February 23, 2014)

Josh Ritter at The Sheldon in St. Louis | Photo by Jason Gonulsen

It’s been winter for awhile
The north wind’s wail cut like a baby child’s
It was hard to think her smile would bring the springtime

If you’re familiar with the song “A Certain Light,” you know the next line is: “But it did and now it is.”

Preview: “A Certain Light,” live at The Sheldon in St. Louis.

It was one long winter here in St. Louis, but we were treated to an amazing February night at The Sheldon when Josh Ritter, along with Josh Kaufman and Zack Hickman, played an acoustic show that touched every corner of the songwriter’s career. (You can read our review of the show here.)

And now, thanks to Chris Finn, we’re able to share an audio recording of the evening.

Download it here, or stream it below.

Josh Ritter with Zack Hickman and Josh Kaufman
February 23, 2014
The Sheldon Concert Hall
St. Louis, MO

Source: AKG CK61-ULS's (DIN) > Naiant AKG Actives > Naiant PFA's > Sound Devices MixPre (80Hz HPF) > Sony PCM-M10 (16/44.1)
Location: ~4' LOC, ~4' high, front row (seat A8), ~5' from stage
Transfer: PCM-M10 > USB > Audacity 1.3.13-beta > WAV > FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 (Level 5) + FLAC 1.2.1 > FLAC
Taped and Transferred by Chris Finn ([email protected])

One Set

01. Intro
02. Best for the Best
03. Monster Ballads
04. A Certain Light
05. Banter (Joan Baez)
06. Bonfire
07. Wolves
08. Banter (Ethical Society)
09. Joy to You Baby
10. Banter (Bus Tour) *
11. Come and Find Me *
12. Banter (The weather, Record deal) *
13. The Curse **
14. Wings
15. Banter (SkyMall)
16. Make Me Down
17. I’m Not Afraid
18. Banter (Bringing in the Darlings)
19. Can’t Go to Sleep (Without You)
20. Hopeful
21. Tuning
22. Folk Bloodbath $
23. Banter (Diverge radically) *
24. The Temptation of Adam *
25. New Lover *
26. Banter (Zack’s Mustache)
27. Track 27 (Unknown)
28. Girl in the War
29. Kathleen $$
30. Banter (and Laughter)
31. Lights
32. Outro (with Thank You’s and Band Intro’s)

33. Intro, Banter (City Museum)
34. Lillian, Egypt
35. Banter (2 Fast 2 Furious) &
36. Wait for Love &&
37. Outro

* Josh Ritter solo
** Josh Ritter solo, without house lights
$ Performed without house amplification at stage lip
$$ with St. Louis rap
& with Gregory Alan Isakov
&& with Gregory Alan Isakov, ends without house amplification at stage lip

Post-production: The applause, between songs, was extremely loud in the source recording, especially in the left channel. In an effort to reduce crowd levels, a hard limiter was applied at -24dB, with the wet and residue levels set to 1.0 and 0.1, respectively. The stereo track was then normalized to -12dB and amplified to -1dB. Fades were applied to tracks 01 and 37.

Please note: The applause still remains fairly loud, please use caution during playback (especially via headphones).

Special thanks to Darius with Tough Love Management for the taping nod and the fine folks at The Sheldon for their assistance facilitating the recording.

Opening Act: Gregory Alan Isakov

Zack Hickman
Josh Kaufman
Josh Ritter

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