Jam of the Day | Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed

Is the American South the global epicenter of chillwave? Georgia’s Ernest Greene AKA Washed Out (along with South Carolina’s Toro y Moi) is certainly making a compelling argument with the release of the lead single, “Eyes Be Closed” from his upcoming debut LP Within and Without (July 12th on Sub Pop). Building on the coruscating brilliance of the Life of Leisure and High Times EPs, both released in 2009, “Eyes Be Closed,” is a synthy groove that pours over our ears like a pleasantly warm springtime breeze. Greene’s soothing layers, beats, and vocals empower him as some kind of musical hypnotist. His office is his bedroom. His tools are keyboards and computers. We are more than willing subjects for his experiments.

Download “Eyes Be Closed” below, sit back, and relax with Washed Out. All it will cost you is your email address.

BOUNS: Here’s the tracklist for Within and Without if you’re in to that sort of thing (we are):

1. Eyes Be Closed
2. Echoes
3. Amor Fati
4. Soft
5. Far Away
6. Before
7. You and I
8. Within and Without
9. A Dedication

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