Festival Preview | Meg Myers’ Top 5 Acts To See At Lollapalooza

Photo by Catie Laffoon

Lollapalooza kicks off Friday at Chicago’s Grant Park, and we’ll be attending the three-day festival featuring Eminem, Kings of Leon, OutKast, Arctic Monkeys, and more. And actually, the “more” is what we’re excited about as it includes artists like Meg Myers, who will be performing on Saturday at 2:50 PM on The Grove stage (she’ll also be appearing at an official aftershow with Kate Nash at City Winery on Friday at 11 PM; purchase tickets here).

We became familiar with Myers’ music via her provocative video for “Desire,” a song that can be found on her Make A Shadow EP. Let’s have a view/listen.

As you know, a music festival presents many choices. So, we asked Meg Myers to name her “Top 5 Acts To See at Lollapalooza.” Good choices, Meg. Let’s get to them, shall we?

1. Me, because I will never be able to see myself perform. (Saturday, 2:50-3:30, The Grove)

2. Spoon, because my drummer worships them and my drummer’s pretty cool. (Saturday, 6:45-8:00, Bud Light)

3. Blood Orange. I love Cupid Deluxe and Coastal Grooves so much. I think he’s just incredible and his music means a lot to me. (Friday, 4:45-5:30, The Grove)

4. Courtney Barnett, because she’s a badass, a clever lyricist, and my guitar player told me to say that because he loves her. (Friday, 2:15-3:00, The Grove)

5. Iggy Azalea. I saw some videos of her like a year ago and they were fucking awesome. She’s a badass. (Friday, 4:30-5:30, Perry’s)

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