Jam of the Day | Beat Connection – Another Go Round

A Open Letter to Beat Connection
Penned by Matthew P Smith
October 7, 2014

Dear Beat Connection,

SHAME ON YOU GOOD SIRS! Masking lyrics that make one go “hmmmm” by creating a sunshiny and, quite frankly, addictive song to draw listeners in and get them hooked. It’s musical CRACK I SAY…and once this electronic monkey is on your back, it shan’t let go. Its banana-covered fingers dig in, without any noted CDC label or surgeon general warning. It is, in essence, a menace to society and should be outlawed in criminal court immediately.

And while I’m worked up, lets go back to those lyrics. This “Another Go Round” isn’t referencing a Sunday ride on a carousel after church. It’s talking about returning to a past lover, that has apparently “played” our protagonist over and over, but despite such despicable actions, is of interest to him because the booty is apparently on point. So, the other “go round” is another late-night sexual rendezvous! It. makes. me. sick…

I’ve attached the song below for reference.

Be ashamed of your behavior Beat Connection. Take it down NOW.

-Speakers in Code

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