Hopscotch Music Festival 2011 | The Speakers-Endorsed Track

Goooood Lawd! This little blog cannot BELIEVE it is almost the start of September – that means the 2011 Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina is quickly approaching! Two out of the four of us just celebrated the dawning of LouFest II in Saint Louis. Now, it’s time to start doing liver calisthenics, training our stomachs to digest dirty-water dogs, practicing the fine art of insomnia, and getting our calves ready for copious amounts of club hopping in good ol’ Raleigh.

This year is even better than an inaugural year that left everyone hoping The Independent wouldn’t somehow fuck up something so awesome. Luckily, they apparently raided the iPod we collectively use here at Speakers in Code, presenting the seasoned indie-veterans we all love, alongside the freshest of the fresh artists just beginning to blip on our rock ‘n’ radar.

This year we’ll see The Flaming Lips, Drive By Truckers, Superchunk, and the very last live performance by “Uncle Bob” and his band, Guided by Voices. But those are just the slots before the 9:00 club shows begin! Check out the below, carefully crafted list to see where we’ll be – and where you should highly consider being too.

And if this is not enough, we’ll be sending out our day party track as well just as soon as that shiz is all firmed up.

The Speakers-Endorsed Hopscotch Track

Thursday, September 8th
8:30 – Dinosaur Feathers @ King’s
9:00 – Super Vacations @ Slim’s
9:30 – Lower Dens @ King’s
10:00 – PC Workshop @ Slim’s
10:30 – Grandchildren @ King’s
11:00 – Xiu Xiu @ White Collar Crime
11:30 – Weekend @ Pour House
12:00 – Jeff the Brotherhood @ Slim’s
12:30 – Black Lips/Cold Cave @ Lincoln Theatre/Pour House

Friday, September 9th
5:45 – The Dodos @ City Plaza
7:00 – Drive By Truckers @ City Plaza
8:40 – Guided by Voices @ City Plaza
9:00 – Brain F≠ @ Slim’s
9:30 – Pepper Rabbit @ Five Star
10:00 – Wooden Wand @ Berkeley Cafe’
10:30 – Braids @ Pour House
11:00 – Generationals @ White Collar Crime
11:30 – Twin Shadow @ Lincoln Theatre
12:00 – Beans @ Tir Na Nog
12:30 – Japandroids/Earth @ Pour House/King’s

Saturday, September 10th
5:45 – Dreamers of the Ghetto @ City Plaza
6:45 – Superchunk @ City Plaza
8:15 – The Flaming Lips @ City Plaza
9:00 – The Caribbean @ Tir Na Nog
9:30 – The Hairs @ King’s
10:00 – Onward, Soldiers @ White Collar Crime
10:30 – Toro y Moi @ Lincoln Theatre
11:00 – Beach Fossils/Bass Drum of Death @ Tir Na Nog/Slim’s
11:30 – Future Islands @ Lincoln Theatre
12:00 – Lost in the Trees/Titus Andronicus @Fletcher Opera Hall/Tir Na Nog
12:30 – Times New Viking/Yelawolf @ Lincoln Theatre/The Union

Also, for those challenged by the layout of the festival, make sure to print out this schedule, as well as the map below, and bring them with you. We all know how directions can become challenging after PBR number twelve.

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