Jam of the Day | Mike Blair & The Stonewalls – Tell Me Again

There is something about the spring in Wilmington, North Carolina that is filled with energy. Yet, it’s peaceful in a way that draws your mind back once winter’s final breath is complete. The days are warm, sunny, and breezy – typical for a coastal southern town. But as the sun dips below the horizon, the air begins to cool as cicadas start their nightly song. The resulting feeling is palpable, and heartbreaking to anyone who’s spent more than a year in the Port City and decided to leave.

“Tell Me Again,” by Wilmington’s Mike Blair and the Stonewalls, stirs that affection, drowning all lyrical meaning with its smooth rhythm and silky phrasing upon first listen. But by the third spin, the true meaning of the song shifts to the front, and you’re left with the same emotional dichotomy as the memory of those long-spent seaboard nights. Is it beautiful or depressing? Soothing or painful?

I think the only realistic answer is yes.

Download the song below, and pick up their new EP, The Print, right here.

Mike Blair & The Stonewalls – Tell Me Again

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