Jam of the Day | All Saints Day – You Can’t Be Alone

For the second time in just a few weeks, I’m offering up a perfect lay by the pool-ready summertime jam. Seriously, it may just be the indie rock equivalent of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” for me, with its delicate combination of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s fuzz, surf-toned guitar and laid back phrasing. It’s reminiscent of early/good Raveonettes but with far less shtick.

The song comes from All Saints Day, which is the new band from keyboardist/guitarist Gregg Foreman of Cat Power and Katy Goodman, otherwise known as Kickball Katy, of Vivian Girls fame. Rumor has it the two met in 2008, reconnected in early 2010, and began exchanging music long distance via this thing called “the Internet.”

Apparently they’re not quite ready to release their debut 7″ on Art Fag Records quite yet, but they’ll be playing their first live shows in California later this month.

Give the below MP3 a download – you can be the first one on the block to rock it on your Casio CP400 while laying out.

All Saints Day – You Can’t Be Alone

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