Jam of the Day | Andy Berkhout – Remain Kind

The first time I met Andy Berkhout, I immediately noticed his gentle disposition accompanied by a permanent, genuine smile. If I had a million dollars, I’d bet you’d like this guy.

Photo credit: Katie Guymon

And, if there were a perfect song to typify Berkhout’s peaceful, easygoing demeanor, it would be today’s Jam of the Day. Fresh off a year-long song per week project, Berkhout is ready to debut his next LP, Love Without Fear. We are proud to present track one, “Remain Kind,” from the new album. You’re hearin’ it here for the first time, folks.

Robust with sunny acoustic guitar, cabasa, and hand claps (and do I hear a little bongo up in there?), “Remain Kind” feels like an open heart with room for, well…everyone. In fact, Berkhout sings, “I have loved, loved you all…” And, there’s no resulting indication that his capacity for emotion is tapped out. That kind of unwearied worldview feels very fresh.

And knowing Berkhout, it’s also authentic.

Andy Berkhout – Remain Kind

You can pre-order a copy of Love Without Fear now! The record will be available on iTunes and Amazon on March 1st.

Berkhout’s Love Without Fear Release Show is coming up on March 4th at The Gramophone. Details are forthcoming. Click here to see all five of his upcoming Midwest shows.

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