Jam of the Day | Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Baby

Photo by Piper Ferguson

Today, I’m feeling listless and frustrated, trapped indoors due to the oppressive summer heat. I wish I could transform into a Southern lady and make couch lock cool, drinking spiked iced tea while muttering incoherent things like, “I simply cannot move!” And listening to today’s Jam of the Day.

Ariel Pink’s first single off the forthcoming sophomore album for 4AD is a cover of Donnie and Joe Emerson’s “Baby,” and it features guest vocals by Dâm Funk. It is the epitome of what I just described: coolly languid, draped over a block of ice, impenetrable to the sun’s scorch. And, God, shoot me now for using this word, but dare I say this song is…sexy?

Jump on over to the band’s home on 4AD’s site to hear “Baby.” The new album, Mature Themes, comes out August 21st.

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