Live From LouFest | Surfer Blood

My first thought after Surfer Blood started their set: These dudes are from West Palm Beach? They make music like this in Florida? They care about music in Florida? Guess so.

I’ll admit it: I see the draw here, but I’m not 100 percent convinced that this young group is the next best thing. Dom, who played before them, was more innovative, if you ask me. Surfer Blood’s songs, while catchy, could probably be sold in your neighborhood Walgreens. You hear tunes and bands like these in every aisle. Doesn’t make them bad. Just doesn’t make them great.

In other news, the heat is getting to me. The sip of Red Bull and vodka was refreshing. A young chap in Area K smacked me with his tennis racquet. I ate a cheeseburger. And there are gnats in this here media tent. But, it’s got A/C, so I might just sleep here tonight with a net covering my slightly sunburned body. Hope you’re having a blast!

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