Jam of the Day | Autre Ne Veut – Play by Play

If there is a musical equivalent to the heroin bender – I’m teetering on the edge of overdose. And the scary thing is, I started 2k13 out clean as a whistle. All up on that wagon, riding chin up down an indie-rock-purist-road. But fuck if I didn’t take a little taste of this 80’s/90’s pop revival that’s just now starting to infect the masses, and like they say, once you pop, you can’t stop. Or is it you can’t eat just one…whatever snack slogan you choose to use – the sweet nectar entered my veins and immediately took the reins, steering me down a road of dance beats and R&B goodness. I need an intervention.

Or do I? True – my pill-hopper is overflowing with everything from Rhye to Twin Shadow, but this shit just feels so good. And as addictions go, it’s starting to spiral. Especially after I mixed in a little Autre Ne Veut into the daily regimen – I’ve achieved the perfect mix of upper and downer. Work has started to suffer but my relationships have really flourished.

Take, for example, “Play by Play” below. But be forewarned if you have an addictive personality. This may be the start of something major. Awesome. But major.

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