Pajammy Jam of the Day | Forest Fire – Mtns are Mtns

Continuing to blur the line that historically separated “indie rock” from music your dad used to spin at night when he drank, NYC-based Forest Fire are hitting our asses hard with classic hooks and melodies that hipsters and hippies alike can get down to in unison. And looking back, 2011 has been an interesting year in that respect, where bands like Fleet Foxes are suddenly huge in more than one musical circle, Bon Iver can fill massive outdoor amphitheaters, and literally everyone, and his or her brother, knows those Mumford boys by their first name.

“Mtns are Mtns,” our Jam of the Day, is the perfect way to preface Forest Fire’s upcoming sophomore album, Staring At The X, which is out now via FatCat. It’s soulful, and slow, and if close your eyes and imagine for a second – it will be the perfect way for the band to end a show. There’s even a little saxophone as a grand finale – further cementing my claim that 2011 is the year of the sax solo. Thanks for helping me out with that one, guys.

Download it below – and get the entire LP here!

Forest Fire – Mtns are Mtns

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