Jam of the Day | Avi Buffalo – What’s In It For?

There is a brief but horrifying moment when you’re at a show, you look around, and you realize why the beer lines are way too short, the bathroom line is way too long, and the merch stand has been overly-popular the entire evening. You stare out into that sea of “Xed” hands and pimpled faces and come to one realization.

Holy shit – I’m old.

Well, thanks Avi Buffalo for providing that moment for me. And as if to one up the prepubescent crowd, the damn band themselves don’t look/aren’t a day over nineteen. Awesome.

Nevertheless, our Jam of the Day, “What’s In It For?” is saturated with swatches of Built to Spill’s guitars and tone, but laid down with Beulah‘s SoCal pop approach. The sound is sometimes jumbled, but give it a few spins – it was enough to pull me out of my geezerish mood.

Download the song below and if you like it, pick up a copy of their eponymous debut LP. It’s out now.

Avi Buffalo – What’s In It For?

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