Jam of the Day | Cadillac Sky – Hangman

A Speakers in Code Proclamation:

We, the united bloggers of Speakers in Code, henceforth declare this tenth year of the 21st century, the official year of the percussive-stringed instrument known as the banjo.

It’s an unlikely instrument, in a landscape of electronic bleeps and bloops, auto-tune, and mashups, but the banjo has stirred up underground fury and launched massive careers this year. From Mumford & Sons’ and Bombay Bicycle Club’s folky Brit twang, to Freelance Whales’ banjo infused indie-goodness, the sleepiest of sleeping giants has awoken to bring us a barrage of bands in 2010.

And we must give thanks! Thank you to Sufjan Stevens for single-handedly keeping the banjo alive whilst the rest of the music world moved firmly into the electronic age. Your albums now serve as perfect example of keeping it real.

Real like our Jam of the Day, by Nashville-via-Texas’ Cadillac Sky, which has heralded some major acclaim and buzz over the past few months while on the road with those Mumford boys. So real, in fact, the band even has a CMT profile while kicking up dirt in our lovely indie-world at the same time. Crazy.

So, banjo, your Deliverance-fueled backlash is now over.

Take your bow.

Cadillac Sky – Hangman

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