Jam of the Day | Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Same Mistake

In 2005, Brooklyn / Philly based group Clap Your Hands Say Yeah reached near mythical status in the indie community as a result of the grass roots, do it yourself, release of their exceptional self-titled debut record. Two years later, the quintet released Some Loud Thunder, a record that, for the most part, fell short of the lofty standard set by the band’s groundbreaking debut and perhaps unattainable expectations placed upon them by fans and critics who were rabid for more CYHSY excellence. Rumors of a breakup and / or hiatus soon followed…

Four years have passed (and all “end of CYHSY” rumors have been laid to rest) since the release of Some Loud Thunder, and singer Alec Ounsworth & Co. are readying the arrival of their self released third record, Hysterical (due 9/20/11). “Same Mistake,” the lead single from the highly anticipated new record, has the group returning to the straight-forward pop compositions of their debut and eschewing the more bizarre arrangements of Some Loud Thunder. While a pop-oriented sonic constitution may be considered traditional, so to speak, Ounsworth’s characteristically unique vocals (a whiny, mumbly, and sometimes unintelligible howl that somehow just works) and the band’s workmanlike delivery (very Cure-like here) make for a fresh and rocking new CYHSY tune that has us giddy for the new album.

Listen to and nab “Same Mistake” for the mere expense of your e-mail address. Get Hysterical on 9/12/11.

BONUS – Have a look at a Hysterical promo vid below.

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