Jam of the Day | Cold War Kids – Audience

My introduction to Cold War Kids back in 2006 left me with visions of alcoholic fathers and creepy hospital rooms dancing in my head. I was instantly hooked on the Kids’ penchant for Gothic storytelling over soulful indie rock on Robbers & Cowards. Their follow up LP, Loyalty to Loyalty followed suit; the standout track “Golden Gate Jumpers” relays the tale of…well, you can probably guess.

Now the band is back to tide fans over with the Behave Yourself EP, released on iTunes in December 2009. On the single “Audience,” lead vocalist, Nathan Willett, asks, “You need a record you can move to?  Well, we got one.” God, he’s so right. I am flat out moving to this song, especially on the third verse with the catchy handclaps. (What is it about a song with handclaps?  It’s like crack to me).

Cold War Kids – Audience

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