Jam of the Day | French Style Furs – (World In My) Bloodstream

Until yesterday, my favorite blood-comparison song lyric was the below section of “Third Planet” by Modest Mouse:

It occurred to me that the animals are swimming
around in the water in the oceans in our bodies
and another had been found, another ocean on the planet
given that our blood is just like the Atlantic.” 

Our bloodstream as an ocean? Yeah, I totally get that.

Today however, if someone were to ask me to sing a haemoglobin-themed tune at an indie-rock karaoke bar, I’d so-select “(World In My) Bloodstream” by Cold War Kids/ We Barbarians supergroup French Style Furs.

Their album, Is Exotic Bait, sees these guys testing uncharted waters. Seemingly more urgent, and definitely more diverse than their day-job-bands, their debut LP is catchy, percussive and somehow edgier than what we’ve heard recently out of their respective non-side-projects.

See what you think below.

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