Jam of the Day | Daniel Pujol – Mission From God

Photo credit: Nashville Scene

Daniel Pujol is a young up and comer in the Nashville music scene…the punk scene. Not too much is known about Mr. Pujol, other than he has played with Nashville bands such as MEEMAW and Denny and The Jets, and he has a certain mount of disdain for musical packaging.

What is known about Mr. Pujol is that he rocks hard. If you dig Wavves, you’ll probably dig Daniel Pujol. And you’ll be in on the ground level when he breaks out of Nashville. You can tell your friends in 2012, “Oh I know that guy, his 2010 work is so much more… raw.” I digress. “Mission from God” comes from his 2010 digital EP, appropriately named 2010, released on Infinity Cat Records. Check it out below. We hope to hear more from Mr. Pujol in the future.

Buy some of his music HERE.

Grab a couple of free songs HERE.

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