Jam of the Day | First Aid Kit – Emmylou

First Aid Kit’s 2010’s debut, The Big Black and the Blue was chillingly intimate, feeling somehow like the female yin to the mansculine yang of Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago. And keeping with that comparison, their new album, The Lion’s Roar, mirrors Justin Vernon’s eponymous second album by adding a full band and completely expanding their sound.

Our Jam of the Day, “Emmylou,” is immediately identifiable, name dropping such greats as Gram Parsons, Johnny Cash, and June Carter, along with Ms. Harris, yet for all its sunshine-laced folk, it conveys the sadness that ultimately claimed the relationships and lives of these heroes.

Watch the video for the song below and go ahead and pre-order The Lion’s Roar when you’re done.  It’s out January 24th on Wichita Recordings.

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