Jam of the Day | Great Big Sea – Nothing But A Song

“Remember that the life we share is nothing but a song.”

There was a period of three or four years when all I would listen to was Neil Young. Not a bad thing, but I thought the only great albums that existed were After the Gold Rush, Zuma, Harvest, and Harvest Moon. I never would have given a band like Great Big Sea a chance. Probably wouldn’t have even played a single song.

You could say I missed the point, in a huge way.

Today’s JOTD reminds me that music is something we share, something that never ends, something that sometimes lets us down, but usually comes roaring back.

Newfoundland’s Great Big Sea is back with a wonderful new album, Safe Upon the Shore. Have a listen to “Nothing But a Song” below!

Great Big Sea – Nothing But A Song

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