Pajammy Jam of the Day | The Swell Season – High Hope

Photo Credit: Piper Ferguson
So, the song is just about the idea that I’m going to figure all my shit out, and I’m coming to get ya!

You gotta love Glen Hansard and The Swell Season.

And the most beautiful thing about seeing The Swell Season live is that you get to sing along. Seriously, not just hum, or do a half-assed open your mouth and let a little whimper get through while you look around to see if anyone saw you. No, you sing.

You sing with Glen and Markéta.

And when I saw The Swell Season last December at The Pageant, I sang to this unreleased song, which has a working title of “High Hope.” It’s a really beautiful piece of music, and I’m sure it will have a place in their live sets for years to come. Have a listen, and sing at your desk, or wherever you are.

Maybe when our hearts have re-aligned…

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