Jam of the Day | Holy Esque – Silences

The world is circular y’all, and I’m not talking about the whole spherical nature of the earth and universe that Neil deGrasse Tyson spits about on the daily. No — I’m talking about the fact that I can hear a song, streamed to Durham, NC via the internets from Seattle, WA. This audio emanating from a shitty PC speaker can cause me to take action, opening a new browser window, and Facebook-ping a friend in Scotland to see if he’s heard of this band, given their accent.

He lets me know he has a friend, who just left Scotland, who works for the very radio station that had just played the song. Hence, this friend likely drove the very spinning of “Silences” which set in motion wheels that have now caused it to end up on your virtual doorstep. Crazy stuff.

So…basically, it’s your destiny to listen to this song and check out more from Holy Esque. Go forth.

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