Jam of the Day | Jay-Z – Glory

“The most beautifulest thing in the world!” – Jigga

In case you hadn’t heard, us bloggers roll deep. And when one of us falls, and goes to that endless hash tag up in the sky, we walk out the Starbucks door and pour a drop of our non-fat, venti, one pump, caramel macchiato onto the nearest grassy spot, as to not make the sidewalk all sticky. Cuz that shit would be uncouth.

But we also celebrate together, and this week, a new lady entered the Speakers in Code family! And while she’s not quite ready to post about her fav lullaby, we’re sending mad-love to our homey Katie, her boo, and their new arrival. This one’s for you baby Guymon!

For those of you who don’t know, Jay-Z released this track only hours after the arrival of his own bundle of joy, back in January. Check it out below. YEP!

Jay-Z – Glory

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