Jam of the Day | Jen Wood – Fell In Love

Usually, when sitting down to write my weekly Jam of the Day, I dick around for a half-hour trying to think up something witty to say. I like to keep it fresh, y’all — the blog world is vast and most of the yahoos out there take themselves way too seriously. But I’m going to change it up today and keep this one on the earnest tip.

I heard “Fell in Love” on the internet radio. I did not have the ability to rewind, so I so I Googled her, and landed on her Bandcamp page.  After that moment, which I believe was last Wednesday at around noon, I burned up her new album Wilderness until with no hesitation at all, I purchased the LP and flowed the download that accompanied it into iTunes. Since then, it’s all I’ve listened to. It is…addictive.

While listening and further internet stalking (just a ‘lil) I also learned that Jen was part of the Riot Grrl scene back in the day, as well as a member of the Postal Service project that literally changed the face of indie music forever and ever and ever. So this was a trifecta for me, basically mirroring my musical education as I grew into this guy.

Please, please — check out this LP.  “Fell In Love” is catchy and beautiful, but the rest of the album simply sucks you in and doesn’t let go. It is, what I believe, will be my last-favorite-album of 2k14.

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